TV LIVE and WEB TV hosting

Broadcast Live and effortlessly using TVcast Hosting Streaming Service.. MediaCP Panel and Flussonic



Broadcast WEB Live and effortlessly using TVcast Hosting Streaming Service.!

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**Storage capacity may vary, There is a choice of SSD and HDD (only for the dedicated variant)

*Does not apply to Reseller and Tv stream accounts

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Web TV & Live TV Channels Automation

VDO Panel Internet TV Channel Service System offers you to create and schedule server side playlists to automate your video streaming solution like the Real TV Channel.


Advanced Playlists Scheduler

Control panel allows you to create different types of playlist schedulers. Control Panel allows 3 types of schedules: Nonstop, Daily & Oneshot.

HTTPS Streaming (SSL Streaming Link)

Secure native (no proxy) HTTPS streaming is available on VDO Panel for .m3u8 & rtmp streaming link.

jinglevdo (1)

Jingle Video

Jingle Video feature to allow you to run a playlist inside the current scheduler playlist after X videos. For example : Play advertising videos every 3 videos in any playlist running in the scheduler.


Simulcasting to Facebook

It is possible to publish your Live Streaming and TV Station services to Facebook using VDO Panel Live Relay function.


Stream Recording

This option will allow recording your live streaming to server storage. Your record files will be found under folder [ Live_Recorders ] You can access from the file manager to find your recording video files, Also you can use recording video files to add to the playlist for the webTV channel.

FreQuent ASKED Question

No, the free version will stay for as long as you need it and you can upgrade to a larger package at any time.

Yes, you can upgrade or even terminate your package at any time.

MediaCP, as the hosting provider, is in no way responsible for the content of individual radio broadcasts. MediaCP does not pay or establish fees for the operation of Internet radio. Every radio broadcasting on the MediaCP server is obliged to handle and pay for these obligations itself.

Providing TV Hosting and a reseller account with a dedicated server takes a long time, because everything has to be set up and created manually, a dedicated server must be created, on which the appropriate operating system is then installed, and then the control panel is installed. I will receive an email with the details to log in.

MediaCP Features


Our radio and tv hosting runs both on VPS servers and on dedicated ones.

Radio and TV

Radio and TV are already installed, just choose.

Free Let’s
Encrypt SSL

Each Radio or TV server receives an SSL certification or SSL proxy.

Advanced Management

Both the Radio and the TV are controlled by a smart panel with many functions.

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