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Broadcast Live and effortlessly using TV EXTRA Hosting Streaming Service.. VDO Panel















*Setting up and starting the service can take up to 24 hours, in exceptional cases up to 48 hours

What exactly is TV EXTRA? Tv Extra is a service that allows you to broadcast your own video content via the VDO control panel, TV Extra runs on a VPS or a Dedicated Server, it depends on what the customer chooses, The entire performance of the server is yours and you do not share the panel with anyone, this guarantees the stability and speed of the server.

Advanced TV Hosting Features

Broadcast WEB Live and effortlessly using TVcast Hosting Streaming Service.!


Web TV & Live TV Channels Automation

Flussonic Panel Internet TV Channel Service System offers you to create and schedule server side playlists to automate your video streaming solution like the Real TV Channel...


Support Multilingual

Support for Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Chinese languages...


Advanced Playlists Scheduler

Control panel allows you to create different types of playlist schedulers. Control Panel allows 3 types of schedules: Nonstop, Daily & Oneshot...


24/7 Live Support

Our support is available 24/7/365 via email, Ticket or chat.

Video Streaming Features

Live & on demand Video Streaming

TV Station Automation

The Media CP’s Tv station services types offer the ability to creat thed schedule services sides playlist to automade your video service just like an real TV.

Video Transcoding & nDVR Support

Enrich viewers experience with a video trans coding thought flussonic media service.

Dynamic & On demand playlist

This powerful feature means your customer only ever to need apply embed code to their website only once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? We have your answers!

Radio hosting refers to the process of broadcasting audio content over the internet through a radio station or network. It involves the use of software that allows broadcasters to stream live audio, upload pre-recorded content, manage playlists, and interact with listeners in real-time. Radio hosts typically create and curate content, conduct interviews, make announcements, play music and engage with their audience through phone calls, social media or chat rooms. The goal of radio hosting is to entertain, inform, educate and engage listeners with high-quality audio content.

TV hosting refers to the process of presenting TV shows, documentaries, news programs, or other types of video content in front of a camera. TV hosts are responsible for introducing the show’s topic, interviewing guests, moderating panel discussions, and engaging with the audience. They may also provide commentary, narration, or analysis to help viewers better understand the content. TV hosts need to be knowledgeable about the subject matter, have excellent communication skills, and be comfortable speaking in front of the camera. They should also have strong research skills, be able to think on their feet, and be well-prepared for unexpected situations. Additionally, TV hosts may need to collaborate with producers, directors, and other crew members to ensure that the show runs smoothly and meets the intended goals and objectives.

Shoutcast and Icecast are both software applications that allow users to stream audio over the internet. However, there are some differences between the two:

1. Ownership – Shoutcast is owned by Radionomy Group while Icecast is open source software.

2. Compatibility – Shoutcast only works with its own proprietary server software, while Icecast can work with both its own server software and other compatible server software.

3. Protocol support – While both Shoutcast and Icecast support multiple streaming protocols, Shoutcast focuses primarily on the SHOUTcast protocol, while Icecast supports more protocols including HTTP, FTP, and MMS.

4. Community – Icecast has a more active community of developers and users since it is open source, and there are more tools and resources available for users.Ultimately, the choice between Shoutcast and Icecast comes down to personal preference, as both can be used to effectively stream audio over the internet.

Yes, you typically need a license to stream radio online. The specific license you need will depend on several factors, including the country you are broadcasting from, the platform you are using to stream your content, and the types of copyrighted material you are playing.

In the United States, for example, you may need to obtain a license from organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC in order to legally stream copyrighted music online. Similar licensing requirements exist in many other countries around the world.

It’s important to research the specific licensing requirements in your region and comply with them to ensure that you are operating legally and avoiding potential penalties or legal issues.

Yes, after contacting our support, we will show you how to modify the package according to your requirement.

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