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MediaCP 2.10.2 is a maintenance release that includes a large number of improvements and bug fixes.

Notice: All new and existing Icecast 2 and Icecast 2 KH services will now include the burst on connection feature. If preferred, it is possible to disable this on each service individually.

Full Release Notes

General Improvements

  • Flussonic 20.10 installation & compatibility changes
  • Ability to whitelist IP addresses and subnets with Geo Country Locking feature for Audio Services
  • Mobile UI navigation improvements
  • Added delete customer button to Customer overview page
  • Add burst on connect and burst queue size options to Icecast services
  • Improved support for UTF-8 throughout panel
  • Add Source/Passthru option for NginxRtmp Transcoder
  • Customer announcements to be displayed on service overview if customer only has a single service, since they are no longer displayed with a dashboard
  • Add debug command to mediacp restart queue in order to bypass nohup and run on screen
  • Centralise service caching to simplify flushing and fix sticky cache issues
  • Wowza HTTP link should include playlist.m3u8
  • Add option to enable debug log in WSE Stream Targets
  • Update GeoIP Statistics to use GeoLite2-Country.mmdb database instead of outdated GeoIP.dat
  • Display a warning (admins only) if SSL support is disabled on Icecast but control panel has SSL enabled
  • Ensure TV Station stream publisher does not start again after service is stopped
  • Removed SMS field from email customer page and also ensure it is removed from other aspects of the control panel
  • Removed Password and Username Fields when authentication is disabled.
  • Further increase trial listener limit to 20 listeners per station

Bug Fixes

  • Navigation issues on Customers and Servers listing page
  • Line breaks in description of Facebook Stream Target causes critical 500 error
  • It should not be possible to create two dj accounts with the same username
  • Streaming services not installed if no autodj selected during initial gui setup
  • Unable to create services via API
  • GeoIP Statistics not working
  • GeoLock controller not accessible
  • SERVER_ADMINPASSWORD variable not working in service welcome emails
  • Remove Shoutcast & Icecast Stream Target options from NginxRtmp wizard since they are not supported yet
  • Queue command from health check is no longer valid and should be restart queue instead of restart-queue
  • Streaming to AutoDJ with mono channel causes ‘Incorrect Stream Type’ error in liquidsoap
  • Log files not accessible from log manager
  • Wowza services with recordings will not restart appropriately
  • RTMP enabled audio services do not restart correctly
  • Autodj playlist file upload not working
  • Allow .aac file upload for Shoutcast & Icecast services
  • API source.status is not working

MediaCP 2.10.1 is a maintenance release that includes a large number of improvements and bug fixes.

Full Release Notes

General Improvements

  • HTTPS Proxy support for Shoutcast 198 (only available when using port 80/443 proxy)
  • Increase 14 day trial max connections limit to 10 (from 5)
  • AutoDJ -> Track Repeat Protection is now moved into Service Configuration -> AutoDJ tab
  • Reset FTP Password button added to File Manager page
  • Stream Targets listing page will now provide more accurate statuses
  • Adjusted SSL Ciphers for Icecast 2 & KH
  • MPEG-DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming will now be disabled for RTMP Enabled Audio services
  • Removed replay gain from Audio Transcoder service as it can only work on files, not streams
  • Removed CPU usage warning from proxy setting as the CPU usage is fairly negligible for most users.
  • Set expiry on redis caching in nextsong to improve performance and reduce unexpected logouts
  • Don’t show connections for Audio Transcoder services on overview or listing page
  • NginxRtmp will no longer continue to play the last ~30 seconds of a stream after the service is suspended. The m3u8 playlist will immediately return 404.
  • Remove FTP Password email
  • Automatically add MediaCP domain into station permitted domains
  • WHMCS plugin should provide the new URL friendly “slug” of service name for email templates
  • Optimised controller end-point caching
  • Improved caching of AudioPlayerController
  • Updated 3rd party vendor packages and cleaned up deprecated files

Web Services, Install & Upgrade Improvements

  • MediaCP web services will no longer be restarted on every update (only when the specific service is upgraded). HTTPS Proxy services will also remain online and not interupted.
  • It is now possible to use the MediaCP on port 80/443 when Port 80/443 Proxy is enabled.
  • Redis cache maxmemory-policy set to allkeys-lru and max-memory-samples is now defined to improve automatic cache cleanup.
  • Add support for TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2 while removing 1.0 and 1.1 on nginx configurations
  • Liquidsoap installation & upgrade speed improvements
  • Redis cache server updated to version 6.0.7

Bug Fixes

  • FTP accounts not created for Flussonic Ondemand services
  • Social Media Posting should not be available for Ondemand services
  • Display Port on Service List causes error on service list
  • Listener count on audio public station page is not updating automatically
  • Logo is missing during new installation
  • Auto redirect to login page instead of white page if logged out
  • Critical issue with WSE transcoder configuration
  • Unconfigured stream targets should not be possible to “reconnect” as it causes errors in nginx-rtmp
  • Station Page Configuration should hide Public Page sections if disabled
  • Remove session_start from flussonics getNextVideo.php to avoid filling redis cache
  • Updating service configuration will change slug even if publish name was not changed, causing services with a name different to the slug to no longer work correctly
  • Log file manager should list file modification time in users timezone
  • Google map unable to display as its not using the new slug param
  • UTF-8 accents not working in email subject
  • Liquidsoap should output metadata in UTF-8 to SC & Icecast servers to resolve issues with accents on meta data when streaming through AutoDJ
  • Redis may be incorrectly falling back to file caching
  • Reset ftp command does not recreate Flussonic ondemand services
  • Delete customer button not working
  • Services listing does not list connections in desc order if connections selected as default sort order

MediaCP 2.9.4 is a maintenance release that includes a critical fix for General Rotation AutoDJ playlists among some other minor fixes.

Full Release Notes

General Improvements

  • Customer Welcome Email should use password of * instead of “Not Changed”
  • Add notice when creating new account that email has been sent successfully also
  • iTunes lookup should fallback to Artist search only if track yields no results

Bug Fixes

  • Player links are incorrect for RTMP enabled Audio services using ShoutcastRTMPApplication of PublishName
  • Remove Allow Relay option from Icecast/KH creation wizard as it is not used for Icecast services
  • Forgotten Password -> Reset password confirmation page does not display template
  • Public Station page cache is not cleared after making changes to configuration
  • Issue with general rotation weighted playlists

 New Feature! Player listen links are now available on the client side SP >> Left Menu >> Player Listen Links. The links are copy/paste with player icons for easy usage.

 Users cannot upload mp3 files from the upload pages if the server load is high or busy bug fixed.

 Stabilization update for all SonicPanel servers.

 Disabled unnecessary SSL logs using the entire disk space issue.

 Some servers may still need a manual SSH restart of SonicPanel, copy/paste the following command to your root SSH screen and run it if your server still have a high disk usage after the v2.8 update. You can also reboot the server completely.

pkill sonicpanel; service sonicpanel restart; service sonicpanel_ssl restart;

 Removed the new update alert from the reseller panel main page when there is a new update.

 Reseller user start/stop all radios function was also affecting the root user radios bug fixed.

 This is a stabilization update for all SonicPanel servers. We expect smooth and stable SonicPanel servers after this release and we will focus on new features as usual.

 After the new backend of SonicPanel, the log files were taking too much space on servers especially 100+ radio servers. The bug is now fixed but requires an action. If your SonicPanel server has a full DISK problem on the / partition, just reboot your server for once completely from the server provider panel or from the root ssh with the command shutdown -r now and it will be fixed automatically.

 On some servers that have more than 100+ radios, radios become completely offline randomly or after 10 minutes due to open file limits. This bug is now fixed but requires an action. If you have more than 100 radios on your SP server and if they are getting offline randomly, login to your SonicPanel root >> click restart all radios link from the left menu and restart them all or click Restart all AutoDJs and restart them all. Doing this for once is enough to fix the issue forever.

 Say Microphone (On Air) not working (radio offline) bug fixed.

 Reduced sound delay on all SonicPanel players/widgets.

 CentOS 8 (64bit) is now officially supported by SonicPanel. You can install SonicPanel on the latest CentOS 8 (64bit) systems.

 SSL Radio Ports are added back and available now and forever. It is now working with the new backend system of SP, therefore they are now fully DDOS protected!. They are back because many old players, scripts, codecanyon paid players, wordpress plugins.. are all require https://domain:port style url to play and show metadata. The feature is along with Direct SSL Play URL, both options are now available on the client side SP now, on the left menu SSL Connections link.

 We have changed the way of SP installation on servers, the entire SonicPanel installation on a new server is now 2 to max 3 minutes depending on the server connection speed. The update system is also changed to prevent any radio/autodj stop in the future with automatic updates that we had on v2.5 which was unexpected.

 SP is now optimized for the best performance, it is fast and stable. Enjoy the speed and quality 🙂

 The main page of SonicPanel is now redirected to clients SP login, so if you open https://domain.com of your SonicPanel on the browser, you will notice that it is redirected to clients SP login page. So that, you can directly share your SP server main domain with your users as a login URL.

 Fixed all the free letsencrypt missing ssl/chain errors and misconfigurations that were causing issues on android platform and on some custom players as well as ssl verify website failures. Your SSL certificates can be verified by any ssl verify website fully now.

 Fixed SonicPanel does not reload itself after SSL activations causing invalid SSL certificate errors on browsers.

 Fixed the delete button problem on the custom/paid SSL certificates page of the root user.

 Prevent jingle feature activation if there is no jingle in the list implemented. This was causing issues on the AutoDJ.

 Start all radios/autodjs function were starting suspended radios bug fixed.

 Fixed invalid MusicLibrary links on the client side SP.

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