Common FAQs


Yes, the free version is completely free with no restrictions

Yes, ShoutCast 198, ShoutCast 2 and IceCast2 versions Support HTTPS and HTTPS proxies

Configure – General – Stream Source Password

Yes, just contact support and write what type you want and the administrator will change it for you

Yes, you can, just click on the Public Page – Customize section in the panel of your server on the main page and set everything there

Yes, we have our own service configurator in the menu, if you don’t choose anyway, our administrators know how to build the service exactly according to you

Yes, you can upgrade the package at any time or contact support for another configuration

The system automatically suspends you for exceeding the limit. To unblock you need to contact support

Nothing will happen for a start, you will receive a notification of delay, but if you manage to pay within five days after the due date, the server will still be active, if it does not, the server will be suspended

You can find the login details in the menu called File Manager or FTP Details

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