Connecting your encoder

What is an encoder?
An encoder is either hardware or software based and converts raw video into a ready-to-stream digital broadcast

The benefit of software encoders is that they are generally the most cost-effective and portable solution.

Popular Video Streaming Software Applications

You will require software that is capable of connecting and streaming to your Live Streaming service.

For beginners, we recommend starting with OBS Studio.

OBS Studio

Windows | Mac | Linux

OBS Studio is an open-source community developed project.


Windows | Mac 

Wirecast includes expanded functionality with a wide range of powerful, professional tools.



VidBlasterX is great for mixing video and audio from many different sources, adding graphics, transitions and much more.



vMix is a Live Video Production and streaming software including a wide range of features.

Connect your live broadcasting software
OBS Studio with Wowza Streaming Engine
  1. Download and install OBS Studio from

  2. Login to your control panel

  3. Select your Live Streaming service

  4. Open OBS Studio and configure an Input Source

  5. Select Settings and configure Output. In this example we will configure a 720p stream.

  6. Now configure Output Audio, we recommend Audio Bitrate of 96 (Kbps)

  7. Select Stream and enter the details from the MediaCP. You will need to check the “Use Authentication” for a Wowza Streaming Engine service. Click on the image below to enlarge.

  8. Press Apply and OK

  9. Press Start Streaming. You should see the green square and the kb/s appear at the bottom. You will also see “LIVE:” at the bottom and more information.

    Note that the bitrate will vary by about 10% in both directions, so you should make sure to use a lower bitrate than the limit in your control panel. For example, if you’re limit is 2048 you should configure OBS with 1800 Kbps to be safe.

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