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MediaCP, as the hosting provider, is in no way responsible for the content of individual radio broadcasts. MediaCP does not pay or establish fees for the operation of Internet radio. Every radio broadcasting on the MediaCP server is obliged to handle and pay for these obligations itself.


The operator of the MediaCP server reserves the right to block and disable the hosting of the radio, violating the rules of the MediaCP server, the laws of the Czech Republic, or if the server administrator finds the broadcast of the radio inadmissible in any direction.

In the event Subscriber cancels the Streaming Radio Services within three (3) calendar days of registration, Subscriber will receive a full refund of all fees paid in connection with the registration upon request.


Each user can have a maximum of 1 FREE server. Multiple FREE servers under one account or one IP will be automatically deleted. If the server is inactive for more than 48 hours, it will be automatically deleted with the account. The same goes for unverified email. There is no refund policy for a radio or television server, whether a one-time or an annual payment. Because the hosting / accessories offered are intangible and non-refundable goods, we do not refund money after completing the order and activating the product.

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