Extra radio hosting

Sell ​​your services through MediaCP, EverestCast, SonicPanel, Centova Cast, AzuraCast...

Extra Radio HOSTING PLANS + Dedicated Server

Broadcast Live and effortlessly using MediaCP, EverestCast, SonicPanel, Centova Cast, AzuraCast..!


Starting €15.00/Mo

€3,99 Setup Fee

extra 1

Starting €30.00/Mo

€3,99 Setup Fee

extra 2

Starting €45.00/Mo

€1,99 Setup Fee

extra 3

Starting €60.00/Mo

€1,99 Setup Fee

extra 4

Starting €75.00/Mo

NO Setup Fee

extra 5

Starting €95.00/Mo

NO Setup Fee

**Storage capacity may vary, We can also offer NVMe SSD and Unlimited Bandwidth

What does Extra HOSTING PLANS + Dedicated Server include?

Dedicated server just for you. Possibility to run on your own domain

(The price is without VAT)


Money Back 14 days

24/7 Live

Fastest SSD


MediaCP Features


Our radio and tv hosting runs both on VPS servers and on dedicated ones.

Radio and TV

Radio and TV are already installed, just choose.

Free Let’s
Encrypt SSL

Each Radio or TV server receives an SSL certification or SSL proxy.

Advanced Management

Both the Radio and the TV are controlled by a smart panel with many functions.


FreQuent ASKED Question

No, the free version will stay for as long as you need it and you can upgrade to a larger package at any time.

The Extra package is installed on an external server, so the user does not share the connection and performance with other radios.

Yes, you can upgrade or even terminate your package at any time.

MediaCP, as the hosting provider, is in no way responsible for the content of individual radio broadcasts. MediaCP does not pay or establish fees for the operation of Internet radio. Every radio broadcasting on the MediaCP server is obliged to handle and pay for these obligations itself.

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