Dedicated root servers to meet any need. Top performance with an excellent connection. Dedicated Servers in Montreal, Canada


Dedicated root servers to meet any need. Top performance with an excellent connection

Plan Dedicated Servers in Montreal, Canada


Core i3-2130

Starting at


Core i5-2300

Starting at


Core i7-4790K

Starting at


Xeon E3-1245 v2

Starting at


Xeon D-1520

Starting at


Xeon E3-1230 v6

Starting at

*Dedicated servers are usually delivered between 1 to 3 business days from payment confirmation. Some locations may take a little longer, please contact us for more information on the subject.

**(Payment is non-refundable, We will return the payment only if the server is out of operation for more than 72 hours)

***The storage capacity can be adjusted, contact support
If you are interested in another configuration, just write to our support.

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Instant Re-installs

Rebuilding your Virtual Private Server can be done right through our intuitive cloud dashboard. Rebuilding a server will automatically install your server with the Linux OS of your choice, good as new

Recovery Mode

If you loose access to your server, or it doesn't boot up as usual due to a human error, you can use the recovery mode anytime to backup your data inside the server.

Root Access

With root access, you can take 100% control of your Dedicated . Having root access lets you install control panels, application servers and many other software on your Dedicated as soon as it's deployed

CentOS 6, 7, 8

Almalinux 8.3

Debian 8-11

Arch Linux 2021.11

Ubuntu 16-22

Rocky Linux 8.6

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